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Meeting needs in YWAM when we work as a family

Not every YWAM ministry has all the staff with the skills they want and need.  In fact, most don’t.  Still, there are individuals who join YWAM with tremendous talents and skills.  Some of those skills can be useful in the location they are at, but many times these skills are also desperately needed by other YWAM locations with no staff to help them.

YWAM Next Step is a ministry of Mission Builders International (MBI), the YWAM ministry that seeks to serve all of YWAM.  We desire to gather and create teams of YWAMers with common or complementary skillsets who can work remotely to serve the underserved in YWAM.

Do you have skills in:

  • Web Design/Graphic Design
  • Programming
  • Architectural Design/Master planning
  • Staff Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Member Care / Debriefing
  • Marketing for schools
  • Fund raising/grants
  • Project Management
  • General Contracting

If you have a heart to help more of the YWAM ministries in great need, we want to hear from you!


All of YWAM
Helping All of YWAM

A Look Inside YWAM

The needs in YWAM are great.  The needs in the world are even greater. Let’s help each other meet these needs.

If you are a YWAM ministry that has wondered how you will ever get the help you need, we challenge you to consider which needs may be able to be met remotely.  While YWAMers love to travel, that is not always the best way to help.  With the tools available to us today through the Internet, we have the opportunity to help one another grow and serve.

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