Skills in Next Step

Pioneering Advice, Counseling, Mentoring

Pioneering is at the heart of YWAM.  We want to help, encourage, and motivate pioneers to press on.  It can be exciting and overwhelming at times.  It can encourage and strengthen the pioneers to know that you have a team of people you can ask for ideas, advice or just be able bounce around some ideas.

Our diverse team has a wide range of experience both inside and outside of YWAM.  You won’t be told what to do or how to do it, but we could provide you concepts to pray about and consider as you press forward. 


Website Development

This is a common need in YWAM.  Most locations do not have a full-time web developer, but each location should have a website.  Our team can help update your existing website or create a new one.  We will provide you with instructions on how to edit and update the site yourself going into the future, but we can also assist you when really needed.

With our diverse teams and experience, we can help you with site wording, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , and even how this will fit with your marketing plans.


Custom YWAM Focused Programs

We focus on online solutions for YWAM locations.  This means that a YWAM location needs to have good Internet access.  By creating programs for use online, we can create, test, and maintain programs remotely and as a team.  Many solutions have already been created related to:
-Student recruiting and enrollment
-Hospitality housing scheduling and cleaning
-Credit card receipt/bank reconciliation
-Volunteer team onboarding
-Donor relations


Architectural Design / Master Planning

Do you have a vision for your YWAM base?  Perhaps space planning, remodeling or a campus build-out? How about bringing clarity to that vision? It often helps to have YWAMer create for YWAM.

Next Step can help you visualize a design and create beautiful 3D renderings and video walkthroughs for your campus. While architects and designers everywhere can have tremendous skills, not all of them understand the uniqueness of YWAM and what we really want and need.  Next Step can help you dream without spending money.

What we create for you can accelerate your fundraising and give your local architect a better place to start. Donor can see and capture your vision without spending a dime.

-Design the layout and flow for an entire campus in 3D
-Design buildings, remodeling, any kind of structure on the property
-Interior remodeling or just space planning

Staff Development

We all need to grow and improve. While Next Step does not claim to have all the answer and be able to meet all the needs, we do have some things to share to help improve location staff. God has shown us different tools while working with YWAM locations around the world.  These tools need to be shared!

We all desire to be USEFUL and not just USED.  This is a real challenge in YWAM and a cause for YWAMers leaving after a couple years. We have collected some data and have some tools and exercises available for your leadership and staff which can help change the tide on the staff losses.  Contact us to learn more.


Project Management / Construction

For those locations which are ready to start building, it can be helpful to have a YWAMer available who knows about construction.  Next Step desires to collect more on our team who can help and be a local presence while you build.

Do you have experience in Project Management or as a General Contractor?  Might you be available to travel?  We want to hear from you.  The need is great.  We want to connect YWAMers with knowledge and experience to the locations in need.

Information Technology (Computers/Networking)

Most of YWAM uses computers, but most also don’t know how to fix them.  Information Technology can span a large area of special skills from networking (wifi, Internet connection, etc), to the use of programs, to ways to just store your information.  With so much now moving toward online platforms, Next Step can help you move your information into a secure place where a single computer failure won’t cause you any loss of information.  You might be surprised how much help you can get remotely.  You don’t always need to have someone on staff when Next Step might be able to help when needed.

In addition, we’re always looking for more to join and help with:
-Web Design
-Database management
-Computer troubleshooting

Vision Focusing / Communication

YWAM is full of vision.  Sometimes we can have so much vision and so many ideas and dreams that it can be difficult to communicate.  Those difficulties can lead to confusion for donors and staff.  Our team has members who love to help ask the questions and draw out clarity.  The result can be a clearer focus in direction for everyone involved and clearer communication to those who support and donate toward our mission.  It can even help you make decision on what to do…when you know better where you are heading.

We have workshops, activities, and people to help walk you through various steps.

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 Next Step is not about making money.  We’re about helping YWAMers connect to the needs in YWAM so we can all thrive as a family.