About Us

Y2Y – YWAMers to YWAM

After visiting 120 YWAM locations, one thing became clear: there is a lot of need in YWAM.  We also observed that there are a lot of very talented and skilled people who were not fully using the gifts they had.  There also appeared to be many coming through a DTS who couldn’t fully see how they could be useful. Why? Because often those skills were so specialized that one single YWAM ministry could not fully use their skill all the time.

Next Step was birthed out of a desire to see YWAM ministries function as a family and help one another.  By offering a platform for specialized skills to serve in YWAM, each location can now more easily recruit talented YWAMers by offering them the opportunity to both stay (at your location) and help YWAM worldwide with their skills.



Sometimes, when a DTS student looks around their YWAM location, they may not see how their skills could be used.  Without a clear view of what is around them in the YWAM family, opportunities can seem limited.  With Next Step, each YWAM location can now recruit these talented individuals with an invitation for them to stay and help your location as well as be a part of a global team to serve all YWAM locations.  

When YWAM locations offer their skilled staff to help others, you also get help from the outside in areas where you still have needs.  You may have a website designer but not a programmer.  You may have a general contractor but not an architect.  You may have a graphic artist but not a website designer. The pool of specialized skills in Next Step is designed to help fill the gaps in YWAM location needs while also extending the opportunities for YWAMers to serve.


How Does This work

In YWAM, it is always a work in progress.  Currently, we are serving YWAM locations, but we really need more to join our team so we can help even more.  Do you like the vision of Next Step?  Please consider recommending YWAM Next Step to any skilled YWAMer you may know.

If you know someone whose skills could be very helpful to other YWAM ministries, pray about inviting them to join Next Step.  As we grow, more of YWAM is blessed around the world. 

No Distance Is too Far

Even though we are based in Montana, USA, we have the Internet here.  Do you as well? We thought so.  The skillsets we  gather will mostly be available online.  This means that our teams can be made up of people on all continents serving YWAM locations anywhere.